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1. Fill out registration.

2. Like Live-wells.com on Facebook.com

3. Join our "___" Facebook Group.

1. Complete 16 challenges within 8 weeks.

2. Post a video or photo of every challenge on our "Live-Wells challenge" Facebook Group. (Creativity counts)


1. You become a finalist if you complete all 16 challenges.

2. Live-Wells.com will create a compilation video of all your photos and videos from throughout the 8-week "Live-Wells challenge."

  1. Yogi Challenge: Take a yoga class.

  2. Buddy Challenge: Workout with a friend.

  3. Nature Challenge: Walk/Run a mile in nature.

  4. Local Business Challenge: Visit a local health and wellness business.

  5. Adventure challenge: Take yourself out of your comfort challenge.

  6. Stretch Challenge: Stretch for 20 minutes.

  7. Summer Challenge: Any outdoor activity at the park or at the beach

  8. Squat challenge: Do 80 squats in a day

  9. Water challenge: Drink a gallon of water in a day.

  10. Plank Challenge: Do a plank for a minute

  11. Blood Pressure Challenge: Take your blood pressure.

  12. You are what we eat challenge: Log everything you eat for a day.

  13. Meditation Challenge: Meditate for 15 minutes.

  14. Pay it forward: Do something nice for someone else.

  15. Cold Shower Challenge - take a cold shower


  16. Reflection Challenge - Vlog about your journey through this challenge

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1. Post your short videos on The Get Off Your Ass Challenge Facebook Group.

2. Live-Wells.com will choose the best from each contestant to post every Monday on Live-Wells.com Facebook Page.